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Europe cannot keep on remaining impassive to the Hungarian behaviour!


On September 21st, the Hungarian parliament adopted a new law regarding asylum seekers: the new law allows the police and the army to open fire on migrants in certain situations as long as the shots do not aim to kill. The legislation is the newest provocation from Orban’s government violating once more every single ideal and value that are the foundation of the European project. The EU, sadly, has been passive to the Orban’s government […]


Zum 25. Jahrestag der Deutschen Einheit


[English version below] Am 3. Oktober 1990 ist nicht nur Deutschland wiedervereint worden. Ganz Europa ist an diesem Tag zusammengewachsen. Nach dem Fall des Eisernen Vorhangs und der Einigung hat sich die Europäische Union in den Osten ausgeweitet, von zwölf auf heute 28 Mitglieder. Ehemals kommunistisch regierte Staaten wurden in die EU integriert, was für die alten und neuen Staaten eine große Herausforderung, aber auch eine große Chance war. Und Deutschland lag von nun an […]


Stop the European Refugee Crisis!

Idomeni railway station

Over the past weeks and months the ongoing migrant crisis has considerably worsened: families jeopardizing their lives in order to escape persecution and war, bloody riots in Macedonia, overcrowded refugee camps in Greece, arson attacks in Germany, people suffocated to death in trucks on European motorways – to name just a few – have shocked public opinion. Political youth organisations in Europe are closely monitoring the latest developments expressing their deep concern. We want to […]


Back to our June’s event on European Borders in Paris


The Young Democrats for Europe organised a seminar in Paris on “European borders” on the 12th, 13th and 14th of June. This event mobilised members of the UDI Jeunes and Jeunes Démocrates to work on three different issues: European and international cooperation, cultural identity and education, as well as defence and security. Young Democrats for Europe Board members welcomed the participants Friday evening at the UDI office. Antoine Carette, President of Jeunes Démocrates, in his […]


Put Greece back on track for current and future generations


The Council of the Young Democrats for Europe states that it is the responsibility of the Greek government to do the necessary reforms to fulfil the previously agreed obligations with the EU. Furthermore, with this referendum, the Greek Government has taken its citizens hostage. This deadlock is already a disaster by proving that leading actors are unable to find a political settlement when difficulties come up. YDE therefore calls to work out a sincere solution […]


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