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Hope for the future, pride to be European

Pride to be European

Young Democrats for Europe have hope for the future. Europeans like Europe but regret its inability to solve problems such as unemployment which stays one of our key concerns. Hit by the crisis, unable to fix an effective strategy, European leaders have failed. They are the ones Europeans consider guilty, not the European Union. Nevertheless, the European project is a victim of this failure. Young Democrats for Europe want to pursue the European dream, this […]


Europe is a political project

Italian Delegation - 2014 EDP Congress

The VI EDP Congress, held in Brussels, has just concluded after two days of discussion. More than 100 delegates, coming from 17 different countries have attended. The Congress took place during a signifying period for Europe and Italy. With regards to Italy, the previous days had been marked by a controversy between Italian and German governments about the Italian debt; controversy arisen from the words of Angela MERKEL against Italian policies about debt reduction animating […]


A busy December for the European Democrats


  Following the 2014 European elections, the EDP held its Congress in Brussels on the 10th and 11th of December. Delegates from our organisation attended the Congress and we also organised a Board and Council meeting.   Concluding the first 3 months of the new Board team, these meetings were an occasion to end the preparations of our 2015 initiatives and actions. These two days were also a warm gathering of Democrats during this festive period. With […]


Romanian presidential elections : a surprise victory and the lessons we can draw from here

Flag of Romania --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Mihai Sebe, PhD On November 16th 2014 the Romanian political landscape has been shaped by the victory in the second round of presidential elections of Klaus IOHANNIS, the candidate of the Christian-Liberal Alliance (center-right) in front of the social-democrat Prime-minister Victor PONTA. It was the highlight of a rather dull electoral campaign that has been radicalised between the two electoral rounds due to a series of errors done by the governing party who led to […]


The EU has to promote and defend regional identities


The recognition of regional identities and cultures and the democratic right for people to decide of their own political future are European Union funding principles. In Bilbao this year, Young Democrats for Europe have reminded their attachment to these principles while voting a motion on democratic dispute resolutions and the right to resolve political disputes by means of democratic process. This self-determination, as it was named by the United Nations, has to be protected and […]

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