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Bilbao: A political renewal for the youths of the EDP

Bilbao Congress

Coming from ten European countries, on the 26th, 27th and 28th of September, more than fifty delegates of European youth organisations gathered for a debate on the new political direction of the Young Democrats for Europe (YDE), the European Democratic Party youth organisation, and to renew their management team. Meetings, exchanges and conviviality. After Aitor Esteban – Spanish EAJ-PNV MP -, Matteo Fiorini – only YDE member who was Head of State – and Mihai […]


“The ERASMUS generation has no job!”


On September 27th 2014, the Young Democrats for Europe (YDE) elected at their Congress in Bilbao their new Bureau members. On this occasion, the YDE underlined the need to tackle youth unemployment and the lack of influence of the European Union in the world. “From Spain, where unemployment affects more than 51% of young people, we urge the EU to create an economic shock to revive investment and solve massive youth unemployment. The ERASMUS generation […]


2014 Congress in Bilbao


Our 2014 Congress will take place in Bilbao from 26 to 28 September. This Congress will be organised by our member organisation in the Basque Country: Euzko Gaztedi Indarra. This weekend will finish by the Alderdi Eguna (Day of the EAJ-PNV) in Foronda. For more detailed and updated information, check the event webpage.


Brussels Council in July’14


A month and half after the European elections, YDE Council members gathered in Brussels on the 9th of July to analyse the outcomes of these elections and prepare the next YDE Congress this fall. This event allowed YDE to welcome new delegates from Germany and Croatia. UDI Jeunes (France – Youth movement of Union des Démocrates et Indépendants) also joins YDE.


Statement on the Constitutional amendment adopted in Slovakia


Young Democrats for Europe support their Slovak member organisation Mladí Európania and its strong disagreement with the constitutional changes approved 2 weeks ago in Slovakia. On the 4th of June 2014, the National Council adopted the Constitutional Act, which defines marriage as “a unique bundle of one man and one woman”. YDE believe in freedom and democracy and express our total solidarity to the youngsters fighting for the respect of the human rights. YDE consider […]


Bratislava: last Council before the elections

Bratislava Council

A month before the European elections, the Young Democrats for Europe delegates gathered in Bratislava for a council meeting – the last before May the 25th. They also participated in an IED conference on the risk of populism in Europe; some speakers being amongst our members. Populism in France, Italy and Romania – amongst others – were discussed. Our council was hosted by our council member and EDP candidate in Slovakia, Miroslava Demkova.


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